Monday 20 April 2015
/ Large puff adder in yard no match for security company

Just after 22:00 (10:00 pm) on Saturday 15 February I discovered a big puff adder right outside my kitchen door.

It was upright and hissing at me, and I off course was shouting hysterically. My husband managed to move it with a broom, behind our dustbin.

We did not know where to get a snake catcher that late on a Saturday night, so I took a chance and phoned the Somerset West police.

My call was answered straight away and I was told that they would send a snake catcher immediately. Within minutes I got a call from Vetus Schola asking for directions and they arrived shortly afterwards. They removed the snake and we were told it would be micro-chipped and milked for serum.

Great thanks to the police and Vetus Schola for their prompt service so late at night.